offer valid 01.02.2024 - 31.01.2025

Reservation of treatments at the medical-spa reception: / tel. +48 533 314 303

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treatment time
(in minutes)
(in PLN)
Classical massage - full body 55 265
Classical massage of arm or leg 15 58
Classical massage of arms or legs 30 110
Foot massage 12 60
Reflexive sole massage - acupressure 30 130
Classic spine, neck, shoulder, and arm massage 30 130
Classical massage - spinal 12 60
Expensive treatments (also available in medical packages)
Classical massage - spinal 12 60
Peat 15 50
Cryotherapy 3 40
Pool gymnastics 25 35
Individual therapeutic gymnastics 30 50
Carbonic acid bath 15 65
Bathing in peat suspension 15 65
Whirl massage (lower or upper limbs) (only Olymp 3) 12 40
Inhalations 10 35
Massage chair (only Olymp 2) 15 38
Mechanical lymphatic drainage (only Olymp 2) 15 38
Cheaper treatments (also available in medical packages)
Magnetic therapy 10 28
Solaris lamp 6 28
Sollux lamp (only Olymp 3) 12 28
Lasertherapy 6 33
Ultrasound 5 28
Diadynamics 10 22
Interdyn 10 22
Tens 10 22
Group gymnastics 25 22
Exercise bicycle 15 22
Nursing procedures
Blood glucose level on the glucometer 35
Dressing, compress 35

Physiotherapeutic consultation - procedure ordering (consultation date can be arranged at the medical-spa reception desk)

  • Physiotherapeutic consultation - procedure ordering: Price 0 zł ( with the medical package)
  • Physiotherapeutic consultation - procedure ordering: Price 55 zł (without the medical package)

Classic Massage

reduces muscle tension, stimulates blood supply to tissues, has a calming, relaxing and analgesic effect. We offer full-body massages, spine massages, upper and lower limb massages, and foot massages.

Mud Wraps

the therapeutic warmth of the mud has an analgesic, soothing and relaxing effect on the body. Mud wraps are recommended mainly in degenerative processes of joints and articular cartilage, post-traumatic conditions of joints, bones, and muscles as well as in fibromyalgia and chronic diseases of the spine.

Local Cryotherapy

the indications for local cryotherapy are acute and chronic inflammatory conditions of joints, swellings after injuries (e.g., in sports) and post-surgical swellings.

Light Therapy (Solaris biolamp headlight, IR light therapy, Low-level laser therapy)

the effect of therapeutic light on the body reduces muscle tension of skeletal and smooth muscles, relieves pain, stimulates metabolism, and accelerates healing processes.


the biological effects of the electric current increase blood supply to the tissues, relieve inflammation and relieve pain. Electrotherapy procedures include: magnetotherapy, ultrasound theraphy, diadynamic theraphy, interferential therapy and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).

Saline Solution Inhalations

prophylactic and therapeutic effect. Inhalation of saline vapours moistens the airways, dilutes mucus, and facilitates expectoration, relieves inflammation, reduces oedema, and regenerates the airway epithelium.
Hydro Massage is a treatment applied in a bathtub fitted with water nozzles distributed in three zones: Zone I - feet, calves; Zone II - thighs; Zone III - back. The water jets exert compression on a patient's body massaging the skin, subcutaneous tissues, and muscles. It stimulates blood circulation in the skin and, as a result, the tissues treated with hydro massage are oxygenated and nourished. Hydro massage perfectly stimulates tissue regeneration after recent injuries of the musculoskeletal system and has a positive effect on chronic dysfunctions and painful symptoms of joints and muscles. Hot water jets applied to a patient's back during the procedure provide an immense relief from chronic back pain. This procedure is also recommended as a form of relaxation and recuperation of organism after strenuous manual and mental effort.