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Beauty treatments

treatment time
(in minutes)
(in PLN)
GAUM TREATMENT (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) 60 280
BODY COFFEE TREATMENT (whole body) 80 420
GRAPE THERAPY (whole body) 80 410
LUSCIOUS TEMPTATION (whole body) 80 385


treatment time
(in minutes)
(in PLN)
FLORAL 40 200


(in minutes)
(in PLN)
THREE-DAY GUAM TREATMENT (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) 60 795

Full-body Beauty Therapy

are wellness procedures that enhance overall skin condition. Carefully selected consmetics are to restore the velvety smoothness and attractive skin tone. Skin is moisturised and smoothed, toxins are removed, and metabolism and blood microcirculation are stimulated. The procedures are applied in a tranquil and relaxing athmosphere providing an excellent form of biological recuperation for the body and mind.

Guam Therapy

A mud concentrate with a combination of extracts of ivy, horse chestnut, essential oils of lemon and oregano and 100% natural marine ingredients including algae, clay, and mineral salts. The product is very effective in treating cellulite and excess body fat. This procedure is also available as a package.

Body Coffee Therapy

is a unique procedure based on a scrub of finely ground coffee beans, a coffee mask, and a coffee cream. This therapy protects the skin against the destructive effect of free radicals thus preventing skin ageing and has an anti-cellulite effect by unblocking clogged lymphatic flow.

Grape Therapy

Is an anti-ageing procedure for all skin types. The treatment is rich in minerals, sugars, vitamins, pectin, and the polyphenol – resveratrol providing excellent skin protection against infections, oxidative stress, and UV rays. The grapevine extract reinforces the protective barrier of the skin and provides protection against irritation, as well as accelerates the regeneration of micro-damage due to improper care or sunbathing for example.

The Revitalising and Soothing Therapy

is recommended for all types of skin, especially for sensitive skin, prone to irritation that requires rejuvenation. The therapy is based on active ingredients contained in goat's milk, lychee extract and aloe vera extract. Goat's milk regenerates and revitalises the skin while lychee, as a source of vitamin C, rejuvenates and strengthens the skin. Aloe vera, as a natural source of mineral salts, vitamins A, C, E, and the B group vitamins, is anti-inflammatory and regenerative.

Luscious Temptation

is a procedure that restores and protects the epidermis, provides intensive and long-lasting hydration of the skin, reduces cellulite and its symptoms, nourishes, and oxygenates cells, improves blood circulation by stimulating natural cleansing and draining, strengthens the skin, replenishes minerals, smoothes, tones and firms the skin, and has antioxidant properties. Ingredients, such as watermelon extract, avocado oil, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and vitamin E, ensure effectiveness of the procedure.


effectively remove rough, scaly skin, leaving it smooth, soft, and gently oiled. The procedure culminates with a gentle massage with essential oils of natural fragrances. This procedure can be extended by combining it with a relaxing spine massage, a new service in our offer.

Floral Therapy

is a scrub based on soya oil, Shea butter, beeswax, Japanese cherry blossom and water lily extract. This is a revitalising sugar body scrub with a beautiful feminine fragrance of fresh flowers. Massaging sugar crystals stimulate microcirculation and help remove dead skin cells. Other ingredients moisturise, smooth, and refresh the skin and improve its elasticity.

Watermelon Therapy

the watermelon extract stimulates microcirculation of blood and lymph which facilitates toxin removal from the body. It blocks the enzymes responsible for converting carbohydrates into fat tissue and helps burn existing fat. It shapes the body and smoothes the skin, energising and revitalising it by providing optimal moisturisation and gentle oiling