For children

Families with children are welcome in Olymp 3. Staying at the Baltic Sea is not only a joy of sunbathing, but also treatment and prevention. Everyone can see the healing effect of the climate on themselves, but in children the improvement is particularly noticeable, especially in those who have problems with recurrent tonsillitis, ear and lung diseases. Marine aerosol has a beneficial effect on allergy sufferers, as the sea air is clean and free of allergens.

What amenities does Olymp 3 offer for families with children?

First of all, there are quite spacious rooms with enough space to set up the toys.

All the meals you order are buffet, so your child has a wide choice and even the poorest eater will find something that he or she likes. Our buffets are extremely rich and colorful, which combined with outdoor movement guarantees excellent appetite. In the restaurant room there are special chairs for small children - the baby sits high enough to feed comfortably and is safe at the same time.

There is also a corner with colourful balls in Olympia 3 - use is free of charge for guests. The playground is not open to the public.